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[TCML] 24 Minute HD video featuring 3 pre-1910 Tesla Coils

Here is today's video, 24 minutes.  It features:

1.        Seeley Laboratories "Vulcan Coil" from Los Angeles, CA - ca.

2.       Campbell Electric Model "E" Portable High Frequency & X-Ray Coil
from Lynn, MA ca. 1902-1906

3.       Frank S. Betz High Frequency Coil from Chicago, IL. (ca. 1910)


Enjoy.  There are descriptions of the components and the machines in full
operation from lowest to highest power settings.

The first and second machines were heavily used for X-Ray use.  The third
was used more in a quackery aspect but was a cool coil for
Tesla experiments on a small scale (like today's Science First coil).


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