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[TCML] homemade pulse cap

Hey Guys,
     Ok, I know this is a dead horse, but since I already have a vacuum
setup, and MMCs for large coils are so pricey I feel inclined to look into
it.  Here is my idea, corona is the number one killer of plastic caps yes?
In addition, multiple thin layers helps because it gives a self healing
effect if you puncture one layer, and it reduces corona, because the
voltage drop across each layer is small, theoretically can be made a few
hundred volts.  This is the idea I've been toying with the past 5 mins, why
not make a cap out of really thin (like one mil) plastic, in many layers
wiht just the outside layers with solid metal plates?  The obvious answer
why you can't do that, is at each interface for a homemade cap there will
be a tiny gap and your capacitance will likely be very low...  So to combat
this, why not paint each inside layer, with graphite based or other
conductive paint, this way even though it is slightly higher resistance, it
is better than a gap between layers, it only needs to touch in a few spots
per layer to make conductivity even, and should all but eliminate corona.
One can then do standard precautions like filling with oil and vacuuming.
Any thoughts?

Scott Bogard.
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