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[TCML] Tesla Coils from Kenneth Strickfaden's legacy

Dear TCML,

I haven't posted in a few years, but here is something some may be
interested in.

We recently received 8 historic Tesla Coils and one homemade tuning
condenser from the legacy
of Kenneth Strickfaden.  These were handed down from Ken to John Foster, and
from John
to Bill Wysock.  Bill has in turn generously given them to Rita and I.


The coils have not been operated in decades, possible much much longer.  The
results are posted above.
The actual question of tuning mystery coils is one I've addressed before but
never really properly.
Now, with a webcam, I can show some historic apparatus and "methods to
madness" to compensate for years of photos and
few descriptions.

15 minutes lecture on tuning mystery Pancake Coils, including Ken's coils:


This is in high definition, so you can view it full screen if you want.
Another high definition video of interest is a floor model "Hogan" machine -

a classic 1920s Tesla Coil also generously donated by Bill.


It has one common tank circuit and 3 high frequency circuits for
medical/quackery use and Tesla experiments:

d'Arsonval - on open helix with low and high voltage taps, provides up to
around 30kV
Tesla - Pancake output, provides higher current arcs for heating effects
Oudin - highest voltage coil of around 100 turns.  Produces sparks up to


Its one of the cooler antique machines.
Many thanks to Bill for these generous surprises.
I hope the coils, photos, and videos are of interest to the Tesla community.
There are more to come.

Jeff Behary

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