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Re: [TCML] MOT stack replaced with PT, performance gone


An aspect I'd consider is resonance with the leakage inductance and the primary cap in the MOT system. Magnetically Shunted MOT's will have much higher leakage inductance ( I think at least 6Hy per MOT) than the PT leading to significantly different dynamic charging of Cp with the PT I think
Ted in NZ

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Subject: [TCML] MOT stack replaced with PT, performance gone


recently my 4MOT-stack died and I replaced it with a PT.
I expected quite a performance gain, since it puts out twice the power of
the 4 MOT's.
But the completely opposite happened,
from streamers well over 1 meter to feeble 10cm sparks.
I also noticed the 200BPS SRSG fires very week, despite adjusting phasing

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