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[TCML] MOT stack replaced with PT, performance gone


recently my 4MOT-stack died and I replaced it with a PT.
I expected quite a performance gain, since it puts out twice the power of
the 4 MOT's.
But the completely opposite happened,
from streamers well over 1 meter to feeble 10cm sparks.
I also noticed the 200BPS SRSG fires very week, despite adjusting phasing

Following items were changed in the setup:
MOT stack was removed, along with the gapped ballast. Current was limited
to 8A and the variac's 260V dropped to 200V due to the gapped ballast.
The PT was added, together with a  260:115V transformer with adjustable
shunts to limit current to 16A (at 260V winding)

I'm completely clueless why performance is almost completely gone.
Maybe increase the break rate from 200 to 400;
Maybe missing the inductive kick from the removed gapped ballast;
Maybe the SWC charges too fast due to increased current?
Suggestions are very welcome

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