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Re: [TCML] litz wire

This is exactly the pattern i used for my tesla gun primary litz wire.
 I made a disk to chuck up in a cordless drill with 4 holes in it to
hold 4 wires.  Made 4 separate bundles of 4 wires twisted.  You need
to take care in this process not to make it a mess.  Making the disk
bigger helps keep the wires separated.  After you make your 4
conductor bundles, i took 4 of them, with the same disk, and twisted
the 4 groups together.

Beyond this, im not sure how to go about making home-made litz.  It
becomes a tricky process after you get to maybe 6 outer conductors in
a bundle.

I just bought some .5mm litz on ebay (40x #44).  I was disappointed to
find that its not twisted up as true litz.  Hopefully it will reduce
the Rac for my next secondary coil which must handle several amps
average RF current at 400khz.


On Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 9:35 AM, Jim Lux <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Starting a new thread here..
> How you wind litz wire without braiding.  one way is to twist clumps that
> are themselves twisted.  Consider taking 4 wires and twisting them.  Then
> take 4 clumps and twist those.  Each wire will spend the same distance on
> the outside of the clump.
> It gets tricky, though.. if you use 6 or 7 wires, then one inevitably winds
> up in the middle and stays there, so you an use a core to wrap around.  Or,
> stick with quads.
> The problem is, I think, that you can't continue this strategy.  That is,
> the 4 of 4 scheme can't be extended, can it?
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