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[TCML] Synchronous motors for sale

I have a two new motors for sale for rotary spark gaps.
One is a Bodine 1/12 HP (.083HP) 1800RPM synchronous motor.
The info I have obtained shows it is a synchronous split phase winding,
115VAC, 60Hz, single phase, continuous duty motor. This is a very nice
motor with an aluminum housing with cooling fins built in and internal fan.
If you search on eBay for this number, 42R5BFSY, you will find this same
motor is listed for $184.99 with several pictures.
I will let list members have it for just $50 plus shipping. If interested,
please contact me off list at tubedesignspb@xxxxxxxxx, NOT this address.
Also, act quickly because I will be listing it on eBay for significantly
more than this price very soon. I want to give TCML members first shot and
a significant discount.
I have a smaller 3600RPM synchronous teletype motor for sale as well. It is
much smaller and .025HP. This one is a Robbins Myers Telemechanics
SKL-F26-BOTS continuous duty at 50 degrees C ambient and has dual shafts.
It is $25.00 plus shipping for members. I can send pictures of this one.
Both are new motors.
The motors will be shipped from Aiken, SC 29803.
The Bodine motor weighs 9 lbs. 12 oz. and the Robbins motor weighs 3 lbs. 8
I'll will ship the Robbins motor by Priority Mail in the US in a medium
flat rate box for $10.50.
The Bodine motor is too large to fit into a flat rate box and will ship by
the least expensive option by the US Postal Service, unless you request
something faster.
When writing, simply let me know you are a TCML member to get the special
price. I will gladly provide more information and pictures.
Don't forget to send email to tubedesignspb@xxxxxxxxxx
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