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RE: [TCML] Larger top:was coil pic link

Thanks for the comments Jason. I won't be building anything else as I have
nowhere to run a coil now, but there are a couple of big classic UK coils
currently being built. Mine may not do badly for a UK coil (thanks to more
luck than judgement and the fact there aren't many classic UK coils anyway)
but classic coils are probably 20 years behind yours in the States, partly
due to more interest in SS stuff, but mainly due to 'pigs' being like gold
dust over here and all 942's have to be imported (anyone know if Resonance
Research is still in business?)

Bart's JavaTC is excellent, but naturally also only as good as the data it
receives, as I have found that a primary that is not a perfect spiral can
play havoc with the results it gives.


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At Phil T.
    Hello everyone.  Yes Phil you are correct.  It just so happpens that I
am currently building a  9" x 40"  top on my front porch as we speak.  I
built that top for the smaller of my coils and decided to build the big coil
after I got the top in the pics finished.  This new top is a wooden core
with fiberboard disks on the perimeter covered with chicken wire, then
layered with fiberglass drywall tape and then coated with body filler and
drywall compound finishing with a good sanding for smoothness sealed with a
layer of fiberglass resin and finally the aluminum tape.   
   To get the top's RoC smooth takes alot of work and patience.  The 4"
minor 32" major top I use on the smaller coil tuned out terribly compared
with the one on the big coil because I was anxious to see the difference
from the old corrugated top.  It is well worth the effort to build a top
like these but it is very time consuming.    I will list the specs for my 10
in. in a different thread.   
   Your coil is fantastic.  The workmanship is great.  One of the best for
its size that I have seen on the net.  After seeing it at nottingham on your
webpage I decided that's what I wanted from my coil and started building the
big one in February of this year.  I still have to build a control box and
cart for my PDT and enclose the base.  I actually ran the coil last night
and got the ballast and tuning adjusted.  It really made a difference in
output.  The funny thing is JavaTC predicted tuning at 9.5 turns on pri. 8%
high but it ran best at almost 11turns.  I still am playing with topload
height to find optimum distance from sec. top turn.  Are you planning to
build any bigger coils in the future?  You have obviously shown you know how
it is done!        
    Well off to finish the top.  Hope to get done before the fourth.
p.s. Am putting pics of last nights run on photobucket.
Jason in S.D.
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