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[TCML] Coil form variations and effects

I got to thinking about the equations for inductance commonly used in Tesla Coil construction, and there tend to be four main shapes used:
Helical (Cylindrical column)Flat spiralConical (cone with the point at the top)Inverted Conical (cone with the point at the bottom)
Given that p = primary coil and s = secondary coil, which configurations have not been tried or discussed all that often?  Which configurations have you found to give the best performances (given that everything is in tune) or interesting effects?Coupling issues you might run into with some of these?
1.  p = Helicals = Helical
2.p = Helicals = Flat Spiral
3.p = Helicals = Conical
4.p = Helicals = Inverted Conical
5.p = Flat spirals = Helical
6.p = Flat spirals = Flat spiral
7.p = Flat spirals = Conical
8.p = Flat spirals = Inverted Conical
9.p = Conicals = Flat spiral10.p = Conicals = Helical11.p = Conicals = Conical12.p = Conicals = Inverted Conical----
13.p = Inverted Conicals = Helical
14.p = Inverted Conicals = Flat spiral15.p = Inverted Conicals = Conical16.p = Inverted Conicals = Inverted Conical----
I know that 1 and 2 are common configurations, followed by 4, and one message a while back about 6 being easy to make with decent results.  15 has those rumors of 'antigravity' affects ... 
And if the inductive properties and construction of the Conical and Inverted Conical Coils were the same, then could one make as few as 6 interchangeable parts (3 primaries and 3 secondaries: 2 helical, 2 flat spiral, 2 conical) of compatible values with which to attempt all 16 configurations?

Brian Hall   

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