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Re: [TCML] MOT stacks

jhowson4@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Alright so it looks like its a good idea to match them somewhat, but
not necessary for series operation.
But necessary for parallel operation.
I was planning on removing the shunts and ballasting it.

I was wanting to parallel them for future expansion. I am planning on
working my way up the power level ladder. So I can at least do some
testing of my system while I search for a higher voltage capacitor
allowing me to utilize my potential transformer.

What I have noticed in paralleling MOTs is that it is the primary current/voltage which is the critical factor to match, especially if you are parallelilng three of them (at 240VAC as is available in the US) in order to run each one at 2/3 rated voltage so that they are not oversaturated. The only way to to this realistically is to short the secondaries and put a meter on each primary, due to the unpredictable nature of MOTs running close to saturation.

Perhaps another method would be to individually test each MOT by shorting the secondary and measuring the primary current at the 2/3 line voltage.

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