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Re: [TCML] small coil with huge streamers?

On 2011-12-14 at 09:38, James Hutton ( b-u-r-t-o-n-boy@xxxxxxxxxxx ) said:

what would happen if you had a massive power supply for a really small tesla coil?
I always thought that tesla coils looked sooooo cool when thier physical dimensions are small, but put out MASSIVE streamers.
If you had a small coil like this (with a topload of course): http://kb3ewy.com:8000/old/images/micro_01.jpg
with two 15/60's in parallel for 1800 watts of power?
obviously i dont think you could get it very efficient, but wouldnt you still be able to pump out an incredible amount of power?
Is it possible to get streamers 3 times the length of the secondary? that i would like to see... 		 	   		  _______________________________________________

Haha, that's my micro coil ;)

Streamers 3x the length of a secondary are possible if the secondary is
well-built. I have a 4"x20" secondary that has done 60" arcs before. I had to use a small toroid under a much larger one to get the arcs up and away from the primary. It did eventually hit the primary one two many times and killed the PT I was using to drive it.

The key point here is that the secondary needs to be prepared properly. Apply many coats of polyurethane, never route the wire inside the coil form, leave plenty of spacing around the bottom of the secondary where the RF ground is connected, etc.

You can see the setup as described above here:


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