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R: [TCML] Vacuum Tube Connection

572B has the anode on top of tube, filament 1,4 are the two larger pin, grid 3 is the pin on the top right seeing the tube from pins side where is also a little hole in Bakelite. The peg need only when you use a bayonet socket instead a normal socket.


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Hi all,

I'm working on a VTTC using a pair of 572B Shuguang and my question is
concerning the Anode connections.  The diagram in the below link shows a
connection on the very top however, on the actual tube it looks to be a
small gold peg to which it is referring.  Is this the actual HV connection
or am i reading something wrong?  I see pins 1 and 4 are for the filament
supply and number 3 is the grid.

Since I'm on the subject are there any preferred hardware for making the
connections to the vacuum tube other than the matching stands?  Thanks all


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