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Re: [TCML] Why don't big Tesla coils use helical primaries?

Im sure someone will elaborate on that but the main reason for my reply is
that I take exception to your statement that copper tubing primaries are
aesthetically unappealing.
I think they are the best looking part of many coils.

On Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 1:39 AM, James Hutton

> Hello,
> so I was just wondering why no one uses helical coils with insulated wire
> like this: http://www.johndyer.com/MakerFaireJD06.jpgwhen building big
> static gap tesla coils.
> I have seen tons of small sgtc's with a primary like that, but it seems
> that with bigger sgtc's people always use copper tubing and carefully space
> them in a flat or conical spiral.
> I don't understand this. Helical coils with insulated wire are so much
> easier to make, they cost less, their more durable, look better, and take up
> much less space.
> Is it because helical coils are less efficient?
> I need to build someone a nice looking tesla coil that is 900w (15/60nst)
> and makes ~4ft lightning. I dont want the base looking huge, and I can't
> spend a whole bunch of money on 50ft of copper tubing.
> Should I still go with a pancake type primary using the usual copper
> tubing? or can I just get a pvc pipe wider then my secondary and wind an
> insulated wire around it/
> and theres no way I'm air winding a copper tubing helical coil :P I dont
> know how people have the patience for that!
> thanks for the help!
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