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Re: [TCML] DC charging reactor

Hi Ibrahim

there's a great page here with all the formulae for working out a DC resonant charging coil design


Would you please give a hint on the behavior of SSG if used with a full wave rectifier and a smoothing Cap? how to expect the firing point and the breaks rate in such a design?

I think you'd usually use a fast ARSG (asynchronous rotary spark gap) in coil like this. The esteemed Mr Connor's Tesla Two is a DC resonant charging coil if you were looking for an example too


These Tesla coils tend to have a very high break rate and produce shorter but more flame like sparks. They are awesome and well worth building if you can find all the parts you need to build one.

I agree, the parts count is higher but DC coils seem to run smoothly and predictably, and with a variac on the ARSG you can choose any break rate you like and see how the streamers change behaviour

Wellington, New Zealand

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