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Re: [TCML] Midwest TeslaFest 2010


Can you give me the location where this event takes place?  My friends and I
are from Milwaukee and would love to see all the cool stuff happening.  I
also may be interested in coming a day early for the give aways and buying
neat stuff; does that take place at the same location?

> Our Midwest (aka Cheesehead) Tesla Fest will commence at 12 noon, Sat.,
> 4th, Labor Day weekend. Usually wraps up around 10:30 to 11 PM (this makes
> sure the neighbors cows stay contented). If its raining we will hold it
> inside our large shop.
> If you are hauling in a coil or other HV machine for setup, be sure to
> arrive around 11 AM so you can drive up the hill. After 12 noon, as people
> begin to arrive, we close it off so you would have to carry it up the
> Safety --- Don't want a car or truck to run over anyone.
> Cost is $10 per person which covers food and sodas.
> Since it's Labor Day weekend you might enjoy checking out the Wis. Dells.
> It's really hopping on this Holiday weekend and goes strong thru Sun &
> Worlds largest water park, Noah's Arc -- 60 acres including one enclosed
> water slide that is 300 ft. long (Black Anaconda), worlds largest indoor
> water park (Kalihari), and worlds largest go-cart track (at Mt. Olympus).
> Lots of cool shops downtown, craft shops, art shops, etc. for the ladies.
> WWII duck rides and nice 2 hr. river cruises on Upper Dells.
> The Dells books up fast so I recommend you call real soon to book a room.
> Our host hotel is Olympia Hotel on Hwy. 23 East (2nd exit for Wis. Dells
> exit# 89 off I90/94 interstate hwy. Contact is John Labak at tel
> 608-254-2800. Backup hotel would be Spinning Wheel Motel in Baraboo, WI.
> If you happen to like antique steam engines, the large Badger Steam & Gas
> Show is also this weekend. It's only 4 mi. west of our shop. Lots of
> antique steam engines in operation and antique tractors. Some are nearly
> feet tall flywheels --- cool to see.
> Hope to see you all here on Sat.
> Dr. Resonance
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