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[TCML] Frequency content of arcs vs sparks

Hello all, not sure if this is exactly on topic, but I figured if there's a group of people who would know the answer, its you guys.

Lets say we have a simple, single-shot DC electric discharge. This produces a broadband response in the frequency domain. What happens as we increase the discharge frequncy (the "breaks per second")? From say, once per minute, to once per second, to kilohertz, to megahertz? Basically, what is the frequency content of say, a 100 MHz electric discharge (at say 1 Hz, each pulse stands alone and produces a wideband frequency response, but what happens as the bps increases and one event "blurs" into the next [a kind of intersymbol interference])?

Along a similar line, is there a difference, frequency-content-wise, between a spark and an arc (an arc being a continuous sustained plasma channel)? And how does oscillation frequency factor in? 



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