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Re: [TCML] multiple miniature transformers

David Rieben wrote:

Hi Conor,

Personal experience has shown me that a typical (Jefferson)
15/30 NST weighs about 23 lbs, so you (and your friend) are
toting a bit more than 120 lbs if you're picking up eight in one
"cluster", plus the weight of your cart - probably closer to 200
lbs. total. That would explain it "being too much for one man
to handle" ;^\ My 5 kVA, 19.2 kV "piglet" just tips the scales
at 180 lbs. and I can pick it up all by my lonesome, although
I sure wouldn't want to go very far with it!  :^0 Still, as others
have stated, when you start making an NST farm of that many
transformers, it becomes more practical to just get a pig.

David Rieben

   Big difference is you can move the MST's one at a time if necessary.


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