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RE: [TCML] multiple miniature transformers

Hi Chris,

Your power on switches will be on the LV side. One of the possible problems
I see is the transformers not powered up will look to the energized ones as
load impedances. You will also have to contrive a means to power that many

I believe it was Richard Hull who said when you run out of space to walk
around in, its time to step up to a pole pig. 

Play Safe,
Jim Mora

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Hi All,

A couple of years back I made a TC powered by 4 parallel NSTs,
providing 1KVA, which worked reasonably well.  I was thinking about
extending the idea using 10 larger (identical) NSTs to provide 10KVA.
I would individually protect each NST using something like a Terry
filter, and also place a switch on the mains side of each transformer,
so that I can switch each transformer on individually (perhaps using a
relay).  In theory, this would allow me to ramp up the power in 1KVA
steps to a total of 10KVA.  What problems can you foresee with this?
Has this method of TC load control been tried before?  The advantage
would be removal of the Variac and not having to lug a pole pig
around.  Presumably the primary circuit can be modeled/ designed based
on the parallel impedances of the transformers, at maximum input


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