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RE: [TCML] Newbie

Hi Travis,

Generally, a saturable reactor has three windings maybe four, I believe. In
general, a DC voltage is applied to the inductive control core. It is
surprising how little DC voltage it takes to make the core go away allowing
full varied AC current to flow through the other windings. They are wired in
such a way that the DC affects both lobes of the sine wave.

Someone on the list made a working reactor with MOT's I believe. Controlling
a full 10KVA or more will take a fair sized reactor and a rectified output
of a say a small variac. Since a small level of DC has a big AC current
output swing, these are also known as "Current Amplifiers" Do some Googling!

Jim Mora

Please let us know how you work this out. Remember you cam short the output
of the Pig and put an AC current clamp (fairly cheap ones are available) on
the LV 240V line. DON'T TRY THIS without a working current limiter in the
240 volt line! For safety purposes, I recommend you never mess with the
output of the pig with anything connected to the primary!

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> You simply pull out the core to reach you desired current. There are many,
> many other ways to do this. I like satuable reactors.

I've read about saturable reactors, but couldn't find a lot of info. Do you
have any good references? Source for core material? I have something that
looks like it might be suitable, but I need to verify that before I try
connecting something dangerous like a pig to it. :)

It has 2 large coils and 1 small one on an E frame. The large ones on the
outside look to be able to handle large currents, they are wound with about
10 turns of flat copper strip. The smaller one is in the center and is wound
with smaller wire, more turns.
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