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RE: [TCML] Newbie

If you know the dimensions of the window and the center leg dimensions and
stack thickness then one can determine the amount of turns needed by the
voltage input voltage and the current required. EI cores can be adjusted by
placing a gap between the E and I, also if would like a DC saturable core
reactor then you add a small extra DC winding, and you actually can control
the saturation level with a 9 volt battery and potentiometer. This type is
used in the transit industry quite often. It is a way of controlling a whole
bunch of voltage with a very small amount of voltage. But just for tesla use
it is not needed. But if you take the said core dimensions, then turns can
be calculated.

So to determine the turns you will need:

1: Dimensions of the center leg
2: Stack Thickness
3: Size of the Window the turns go through
4: Voltage input
5: Current level desired.

Then if you want to give me those dimensions I will calc out for you the
turns needed and wire size needed to meet your amperage needs. 


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> You simply pull out the core to reach you desired current. There are many,
> many other ways to do this. I like satuable reactors.

I've read about saturable reactors, but couldn't find a lot of info. Do you
have any good references? Source for core material? I have something that
looks like it might be suitable, but I need to verify that before I try
connecting something dangerous like a pig to it. :)

It has 2 large coils and 1 small one on an E frame. The large ones on the
outside look to be able to handle large currents, they are wound with about
10 turns of flat copper strip. The smaller one is in the center and is wound
with smaller wire, more turns.

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