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Re: [TCML] MMC design - need caps

The 2000 volt ones are the best ones.
IIRC they are the 942's.
Oh yeah, I checked the spreadsheet I have that has the recommended caps for building MMC's and it does show .015uF for a 15kV 30mA transformer but this does not agree with the various software products available that calculate the proper value for you. Most of them wind up with a little bit more than .005uF and then recommend using 1.5 times this amount with a spark gap coil. So, the value of .008uF someone else recommended to you is most likely the right one and ignore the .015uF I told you to use. I believe the .015uF value on this spreadsheet is for a RSG, oops, sorry, rotary spark gap, coil. (I hated it when I was new and everyone kept using all of these unfamiliar acronyms. ;-) I'm sorry if I caused you any problems by recommending the incorrect value. Good lesson learned, though, always double check anything you are told to do before following the advice. 
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> Hi everybody,
> If I did my homework right, I'd need 10 caps in series rated at 0.15uf  
> 4,000V to get a total value of 0.015uf 40,000V for my 15/30 transformer.
> Does anybody happen to know where I can get these? I checked the 942 &  
> 943 series Cornell Dubilier catalogs (as suggested), but they only go  
> up to 2,000V...
> Thanks,
> Brandon
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