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RE: [TCML] Check this out!

A minor point, but the fundamental frequency heard from a sync RSG would be 100 or 120 Hz (not 50/60).

Regards, Gary Lau

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> So after reading the lasts few posts with Phil and Gary, I was about to
> comment saying... "Why on earth are you using 100bps in a SRSG?" and
> then it hit me two seconds later... DUH! 50Hz. Anywaz this got me
> thinking, and eventually thumbing through some old files in order to
> find these two wav files. Since they are .wav, they're kinda big but
> save um and listen. One is a 50Hz tone, the second is a 60Hz tone.
> Sometimes we get so caught up in the circuits, coils, and electricity of
> it all, I think some of us forget about the beauty and consistencies of
> physics and the laws of nature. Next time you're drawing a 60Hz arc from
> a NST or firing up your SRSG, listen again to these tones. Pretty cool!
> http://host.teslamad.com/50hz.wav
> http://host.teslamad.com/60hz.wav
> Enjoy!
> ~Andrew Robinson

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