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[TCML] Check this out!

So after reading the lasts few posts with Phil and Gary, I was about to comment saying... "Why on earth are you using 100bps in a SRSG?" and then it hit me two seconds later... DUH! 50Hz. Anywaz this got me thinking, and eventually thumbing through some old files in order to find these two wav files. Since they are .wav, they're kinda big but save um and listen. One is a 50Hz tone, the second is a 60Hz tone. Sometimes we get so caught up in the circuits, coils, and electricity of it all, I think some of us forget about the beauty and consistencies of physics and the laws of nature. Next time you're drawing a 60Hz arc from a NST or firing up your SRSG, listen again to these tones. Pretty cool!



~Andrew Robinson
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