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Re: [TCML] Variac

Hey David...

You are correct about running the 23 amps but I did forewarn him that more than 23 amps will be a problem ;)

Scot D

David Rieben wrote:

Hi Scot,

You wrote:

Hey Jay..

The unit is rated for 22.5 amps current capacity, in other words it will handle a current of 22.5 amps max thru it to the load it is supplying. If you were to put a load on the variac that can draw more than 23 amps, the Variac will overheat and smoke and eventually die... most of the times, variac failure occurs where the wiper ( brush) is in contact with the windings, either the brush arcs out or the windings melt and break.

In principle, this is definitely true. However, in reality, since variacs are
typically rated very conservatively at a 100% duty cycle, I would ima-
gine that it would take a really looong time to cause a 22.5 amp "rated"
variac to fail by running 23 amps continuously through it. :^) It certainly should not fail running this current level through the relatively short runs
of coil firing.

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