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[TCML] Variac

Ok this is attempt 3 my e-mail keeps saying that there was a sending error. so if 3 of the same message were in fact sent i am sorry.

Ok so i think that this so called surge is the culprit since at the time of the breaker being blown I was trying to figure out where a weird sound was coming from and this entailed turing it on and off.  learing from my mistakes i won't be doing that again... ever...

How much current is the norm if nothing is plugged into it? If the unit is rated for 22.5 amps why is it not pulling that much power all the time?

How does starting the variac with it turned up help.  I understand what you want me to do but I am curious as to why it works.

Even if the surge current was the culprit i want to be sure before I plug it back in and the people start asking why stuff blew.

Jay. H
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