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[TCML] Microwave oven capacitors.

Hi again                                            I just would like to know from anyone on the list if they have tried discharging two microwave capacitors to there maximum output and I think that would be in DC rating because I use 2 MOTS with a Tv tripler(not flyaback)on one leg to charge two parallel caps and Im not sure how many joules that is, but the blast can be heard across my neighbourhood. .95 and 1uF together works.Is there a way to join more and charge it another way, and could I use this to fire across one turn primary for a Tesla Coil?If I use a tiny spark gap in series using my hand, I can fire the caps according to the distance,faster and slower.Also when I was testing a spark gap in parallel with the caps(Ive read this before and theres a name for it)It has alot of power and it rings and then the frequency goes up and up till the gap whines at a high pitch.Is it still possible to fix the whining and get some power to a primary coil? Spark gap in series and caps in parallel to the supply and the discharge across the caps has the most power from what Ive seen.Heat is my problem with the setup.Can I use this?Thanks Gareth
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