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Re: R: [TCML] First light, small VTTC

Hi Vladi,

I cannot tune this primary.  I tune using the capacitor.  I probably
should have made some taps or something, but I made it fixed at
19.7 turns.  I just picked what I thought would be a good figure
based on a reasonable tank Q.  The primary wire is PVC insulated
wire.   It's 19.7 to make it convenient to connect to the capacitor
from a physical layout standpoint.  My reasoning was that anywhere
from 18 to 21 turns would give similar performance as long as
the system is tuned OK with the capacitor.  I added a variable
cap to fine tune the system.  Possibly I have to add another
fixed cap or something because the performance is rather wimpy.
I may not have enough tuning range.  When I turn up the power,
the spark reaches a certain length then plateaus, so I probably
need more tank capacitance.
I tried installing a 4-400A tube and it didn't help the performance
much, so I suspect a tuning issue.
  However I know this 4-400A tube is somewhat defective (weak).
The secondary resonant frequency is about 1Mhz.


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Hi John,

You said that the primary has 19.7 turns of 16awg wire, how method do
you use to tune the system? I normally use magnet wire also for the
primary 19awg or two or three smaller paralleled between, and I use a
spacer (another magnet wire of 24,26awg) that I remove at the end of
winding. Then I scratch the enamel on the last windings and look for the
best tuning. But how do you succeed with an insulated wire? I'm curious
for the number 19.7!!



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