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Re: [TCML] Noxiuos fumes from high powered arc/JL

Odour sensation fatigues rapidly so you stop smelling noxious stuff after a short while. There are physiological processes in the body that use nitric oxide as a local vasodilator and this is sometimes used therapeutically by inhalation and nitrous oxide N2O is an anaesthetic agent so presumably neither of these cause coughing. NO2 I am not so sure about and may be a culprit. The only time I have had similar bronchospasm is with burning sulphur with ? sulphur dioxide formation.
Fortunately I have the space and weather to run my TC's outdoors.

----- Original Message ----- From: "David Rieben" <drieben@xxxxxxxxxxx>

...  As most of us are
already aware, the production of ozone (O3), along with
various nitrogen oxides, can become rather copius during
operation of Tesla coils,
..... today while I
was playing around with my beloved 150 kvp, 600 mA x-ray
transformer, making some impressive power arcs, I began
to notice asthma-like symptoms with my breathing (and
I don't have asthma) and began to cough rather uncontrol-
ably. Funny thing was that I really couldn't smell any
O3 but I still got that feeling of inhaling too much O3.
Once I moved outdoors to fresh air, the symptoms went
away pretty promptly. ......
David Rieben

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