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Re: Fwd: RE: [TCML] Rotory STATIC Gap

I wrote:
I see the possibility that it was arcing to the copper ring, even a 2.5" distance.
Scot, if I use JAVATC's static gap electrode evaluation for your tranny (28.8kV/695mA), the best geometry to use to represent that actual would be "flat". In that case, with 2 electrodes of 3/16" diameter at a gap distance of 2.5" apart, then a voltage of 43kV is needed to arc the gap. Considering your peak charging voltage was about 41kV (simple tranny specs), then you certainly could have been arcing that distance (and probably were).

The arc voltage predicted is based on the field strength and geometry of the electrodes. Field Strength is from the web site of Jim Lux (and supported by many papers on the subject) and the geometry portion which uses this field strength within it's equations are from the Los Alamos National Laboratory's report "High-Power Microwave-Tube Transmitters, chapter 7, by William North".

Javatc simply plugs in the numbers, and 431kV was spit out based on the above works. It's in the ballpark even for an "out of the ordinary case", which is pretty cool.

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