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Re: [TCML] Rotory STATIC Gap

Hey David..

I wouldnt say flawlessly... it had its growing pains and a few tantrums to boot, but in general it ran rather well, altho I feel that the output could have been improved. But then again once the streamers were doing 10', I had no room for my own safety, so I pretty much was satisfied with the 8-11' streamer length. Maybe a longer power cord ( more like 20' instead of 12' ) from the controller to the coil is to be considered in the rebuild process.

Scot D

David Rieben wrote:


Wow, Scot, I didn't know you had this much voltage rise in your primary circuit! I'd have to agree with Gary here in that I'm surprised that your coil fired flawless-
ly for 9 years without a breakdown running in this fashion.


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