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Fwd: Re: Re: [TCML] Odd VTTC Streamer Behavior

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From: Phillip Slawinski <pslawinski@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Oct 21, 2008 10:53am
Subject: Re: Re: [TCML] Odd VTTC Streamer Behavior
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Philip wrote:

What still disappoints me is that I had it throwing off 34" sparks very

consistently. Then I started playing with the grid resistance. I turned

the resistance down to see what would happen, and unfortunately what

happened was a flash-over that destroyed my grid coil.

big snip

If I were you I would concentrate on getting 2 beefy perfectly matched mots in there and if you were getting 34" with unmatched mots and various losses, who knows you could top the current record. That is often what happens though. You want more until you push the coil or component to destruction. Sounds like your on the right path but you might have to settle for a medium that you and your coil are happy with. :)
Good luck and good job,

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