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[TCML] High Voltage Pulse capacitors looking for a new home

Hello... I have posted some good used PULSE capacitors on ebay , they are looking for new home


Check these parts out... they would be great for a small or medium size Tesla 
circuit using a NST for a power source.
Set of Three.... 25KV each, 0.028uf each???--? two in series gives you 50KV 0.014uf... good match for 15kv60ma nst

I have worked on the modulators these capacitor were used in for the last 25 
years. A few years ago management decided make an effort to reduce machine 
downtime and made it mandatory to replace the full set of 5 capacitors even thou 
only 1 had failed.? Every failure was in the end capacitor of the PFN line which 
is normal as it has the least amount of inductance between it and load. These 
capacitors are the?3 that were behind the end unit. They have a plastic case 
and insides are Mylar with a NON PCB oil. A great improvement over the Pyranoil 
caps that came with these machines in the 60's. I hope I can find a good home 
for them and make some BBQ money for the company party at the same time.. Thanks 
for looking
Fred AKA? Sparky
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