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[TCML] Tesla Coils.

Hi guys(Were the ladies?) Anyway I noticed how when you build your first Tesla Coil how just sparks can make you feel good and wow,then with further experimants it starts to make lightning and then its even more exitment and its wow again but even more than the first,its a inspiration and it makes you want  more and much better performance out of a creation!My 1st secondary I tried was 50 by 465mm  wound with .8mm and I only once got perfect tuning without any lossy on the sphere,and made 2-3 horns of purple growing thick lightning,I "tuned" the corona to come together.It also either went clockwise or anti- clockwise around the sphere.That was the best I ever got with a version of a Tesla Coil.I know I can do better.If anyone wants the only 2 impressive pics of it or the video, give me a shout.(What about a big tall secondary to make that type of arcing?like Electrum Painting)Has anyone done that before and what are the reasons for not?And why did mine work like this?But I also want to make them like they supposed to be made.           Thanks for your time, Gareth
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