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Re: [TCML] Ohms/Ft. for 6/2 Romex?


50A is conservative for Romex (NM).  See below link.


Be careful applying 310-16, because of ampacity derates
in elevated temperature environments, or electrical derates 
if more then 2 current carrying conductors in a conduit.
W/ 240VAC, N and ground "normally" carry no current
in a balanced load circuit.

See ohms/k-ft table for copper wire from one of our alumni, 
Fr. Tom McGahee.


Based on table, resistance on order of 0.4 ohms/1000',
or 40 milli-ohms for a 100' feeder.

Dave Sharpe, TCBOR/HEAS
Chesterfield, VA. USA

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From: G Hunter <dogbrain_39560@xxxxxxxxx>
> Does anybody know the ohms/ft. for regular 6/3 Romex wire?  I can't seem to find 
> a table for it on the WWW.  Connected to coiling?  Absolutely!  I'm using 6/3 
> Romex to power up my new garage, which will pull double duty as my coiling shop.  
> I have it conservatively breakered at 50A.  I think 6/3 can pull up to 75A 
> safely, but why be greedy?
> If you have a good link for a Romex and/or THHN wire table, kindly share it with 
> the list.  Otherwise, I'll take your answer off-list.
> Many Thanks,
> Greg 
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