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Re: [TCML] Ohms/Ft. for 6/2 Romex?

G Hunter wrote:
Does anybody know the ohms/ft. for regular 6/3 Romex wire?  I can't
seem to find a table for it on the WWW.  Connected to coiling?
Absolutely!  I'm using 6/3 Romex to power up my new garage, which
will pull double duty as my coiling shop.  I have it conservatively
breakered at 50A.  I think 6/3 can pull up to 75A safely, but why be

Every 3 gauges is 1/2 (or twice) the resistance
Every 6 gauges is 1/2 (or twice) the diameter
AWG 10 is very close to 0.1" diameter
AWG 10 is very close to 1 ohm/1000 ft

When it comes to "code ampacity" you need to look it up. It varies for bare wire, single conductors, romex, or conduit.

If you have a good link for a Romex and/or THHN wire table, kindly
share it with the list.  Otherwise, I'll take your answer off-list.

Googling "copper wire resistance" turns up lots of links, including a post back in 1998 from Fr. Tom McGahee, a prolific poster back in the day.


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