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RE: [TCML] Coil pics & many thanks


Probably what is happening is "all that stuff around it" is creating extra
capacitance between the garage "stuff" and your secondary, resulting in a
lower secondary resonant frequency.  When you move it outside, there is less
nearby "stuff", and your secondary will resonate at a higher frequency.  So
if you don't move your primary tap to slightly decrease the turns, your coil
likely will be out of tune and won't perform as well.  Try decreasing your
primary turns a half-turn or so the next time you run it outside.  

--Steve Y.

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Herr Zapp,
My primary is maxed out on turn 15 I think.  I have another toroid that I
can stack on top but I haven't done the pie-plate/aluminum tape thing to it
yet.  I only ran it outdoors once but had problems with racing arcs using
either toroid and I couldn't seem to get the performance out of it that I
could running it in the garage with all that stuff around it.


- Andrew

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