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Re: [TCML] Tube coils structure

Hi David,

Yes, sort of in series with a split tank and split grid
coils that are center tapped.  A Hartley oscillator.
Although it's theoretically more efficient, I don't
think it's worth the extra complexity to build and
adjust.  I tried it one time in a rough lash-up.
I didn't much like it.


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Hi John,

I now only have a single 833(C) and a single 833(A).
I have temporarily lashed the 833A in parallel with the
833C (you know I'm gonna use the C tube if I have a
choice ;^) just to see how well the extra tube would
share the load. It does indeed "spread the load". I am
assuming that a "push-pull" setup means the tubes are
wired in series rather than parallel?

David Rieben

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I built a tube coil that gave 36" sparks and used (4) 833A tubes.
It drew about 5600 watts or so without staccato. Actually
I got the spark up to about 40" one time, but that's when
a large tube arc occured and damaged a tube. I used a 5kVA
pole pig to power the coil. This VTTC was not push-pull,
but had all the tubes in parallel. I never tried the single large
tube concept for comparison, so I can't comment on that.



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