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Re: [TCML] SISG success


The basic SISG is, as you say, a dropin replacement for a static gap. Has it`s advantages, such as fixed bang energy.
Drawback in my book is chaotic firing.

You might find the triggered SISG interesting, described in this thread at 4HV:

A schematic is here:

And a video of it`s logical successor, equipped with a CM600 brick, the T-BRISG:
(I call it a world record, and it is, because it is the only coil of it`s kind in the world. :-) )

Cheers, Finn Hammer

Stephen J. Hobley skrev:
I'd never heard of SISG's till this post - I just read some of the PDFs out there on the subject. Am I right that this is a "drop in" replacement for the static spark gap in an NST based coil? I'd be interested in pursuing this (after the VTTC, and DRSSTC of course). Steve

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