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RE: [TCML] RCA 5762/7C24

> Hi Phillip, The RCA 5762 looks ok. I'd rather have a toob with a lower
> Mu for Tesla coil service, but I think that toob will do fine. The 5KV
> plate rating is very nice. You can prolly exceed that by 20%. You will
> need to follow the requirements for forced-air cooling.

I have been working on building a power amplifier for Amateur Radio
service using one of these tubes.  It's nice to have a tube that can
dissipate the entire legal power input while tuning up without worry
about damaging the tube! Pix upon request - it's not on my web site yet.

The complete data sheets are available on my web site at
http://w5jgv.com  Select the AMATEUR RADIO tab on the left of the page.
When you get to the AMATEUR RADIO page, scroll down to the file
downloads area, and look for the RCA TUBE data section.  The last link
is the one for the 7C24.

As an oscillator using raw AC on the plate, you can go to 7000 volts max
(6600 recommended) and get about 3350 watts out.

As an oscillator using rectified, unfiltered AC on the plate, the limits
are 5000 volts recommended and 5650 watts out.

As an oscillator with filtered DC on the plate, the values are 6000
volts DC recommended and 6000 watts out.  Double the power output for
two tubes in push-pull or parallel operation.

Cooling air - use lots of it!  The filament alone dumps 365 watts of
heat.  Cooling the filament straps is a must!  Use lots of air on them
or the tube seals will fail.  Cooling air must be directed on the
filament leads for a minute after the power has been cut off as the
thermal mass of the filament/cathode structure is pretty large.  A high
pressure blower is required.  A cooling air data chart is in the data
sheets.  The tube must be mounted in a vertical direction, either base
up or base down.

Have fun!


Ralph   W5JGV - WD2XSH/7

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