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RE: [TCML] RCA 5762/7C24

Hi Phillip, The RCA 5762 looks ok. I'd rather have a toob with a lower
Mu for Tesla coil service, but I think that toob will do fine. The 5KV
plate rating is very nice. You can prolly exceed that by 20%. You will
need to follow the requirements for forced-air cooling. A good chimney
helps to cool the anode. It needs to fit tightly around the radiator to
ensure all the air flows through the radiator. Be sure that the pressure
drop (in inches of water pressure) across the tube is correct. After
that, you're golden. Looks like a custom wound transformer for the
filament. I generally rewind a MOT, but maybe you can parallel 2 cores
to get enough iron. Later, James 

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Would this be a good tube to use for a VTTC?  It's a medium mu triode.
price is certainly right, assuming I can find the proper equipment to
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