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Re: [TCML] tunning effected by power output

Yes, the increasing length of the streamers add to the top load's  capacit
ance and affects the secondary's frequency. You actually have  to tune the 
primary just a bit lower in frequency so that it will match the  secondary frequency 
as it gets lower as the streamers grow. The streamers make  tuning like 
hitting a moving target!
Tony Greer

In a message dated 10/4/2008 6:31:30 P.M. Central  Daylight Time, 
rwsmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

With my larger coil, I like to tune the primary while running the coil  at a 
reduced power so there will be less stress on things if it is out of tune  but 
I have noticed that when I go up to higher power after I have tuned at low  
power I get better performance if I move the tap out for one more turn on the  
primary.   This isn't too surprising to me.  The discharge must  be acting 
like a top load on the coil but I was just wondering if everyone else  has 
noticed the same thing with their coils.  

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