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Re: [TCML] Strike rail hits and loud bangs

Is there a chance that the loud bang is a spark between bottom of the secondary and the inner turn of the primary? Overcoupling. I had this and I removed half a turn from the inside of the primary and re-routed the wiring (down and out) to fix the problem. I kind of feel that performance went down slightly, but no more loud, annoying and scary bangs.

Dave Nelson
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Subject: [TCML] Strike rail hits and loud bangs

We have a fairly simple coil using a 60ma NST. Recently I changed the tap point on the primary and by chance hit a really sweet spot.

Usually the Tesla Tuner is pretty accurate and gives good results, but in this case it did not indicate that this tap point was a good one.

The streamer length has increased by at least 50% - but we did notice some rather worrying "bangs" from the Terry filter spark gap when the strike rail is being hit. Is this normal?

Is it possible to tune a Tesla coil into a self-destructive state?

I would take some pictures, but the darned thing scares me to death...


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