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Re: [TCML] Strike rail hits and loud bangs - streamer shorting primary to strike rail?

Hi Steve,

Yes, the coil may do best with a little higher L on the primary (which is normal).

I thought the flash was coming from the back also (which makes it difficult to analyze). Likely, as Bert mentioned, a primary to strike rail flashover. You can certainly remove the strike rail for a test.

Take care,

Stephen J. Hobley wrote:
Yes I moved the tap point out one coil turn - so that would have higher L (I think).
So could the bang/flash be a streamer connecting the primary and the strike rail together - thus dumping the tank cap out to ground? It only happens on the part of the strike rail that has the ground connection attached to it. Freezing the video shows that the light flash is coming from the back of the coil, at strike rail level. Steve
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