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Re: [TCML] New Coil - Any glaring errors I have made?

Hi Philip,

It all looks fine to me. No glaring issues. The 4.7 inch diameter is fine for the 10/48 NST. You probably will want to raise the toroid to about a center line of about 51". Your secondary turns are dependent on heavy build insulation of the magnet wire, so be sure that is what you use. But cap size, coupling, ratios, and distances all look good to me. Also, once the coil is wound, update the program with actual turns of course.

Take care,

P Tuck wrote:
I would appreciate it if anyone cares to look at my proposed Javatc setup
below, before I start the actual build. I have aimed for a low Res freq
whilst trying to keep the inductance up to avoid gap losses. Static gap is a
sucker (connects to my workshop Hoover) that I've built using 0.75 inch
diam' copper rods. It is grossly over engineered, but it allows for future
scope if needed.


I have pushed the secondary size to 4.7 inches to get the impedance and a
higher Q, or am I pushing it at 4.7 inches for a 10k/48 NST??

Main points are:-
Sec' Diam = 4.724 inch (120mm PMMA tube),  5:1 H/D ratio, 1343 turns of AWG
27, Res freq 161 Khz.
Terry Filter, Caps are 14 x 2 of the popular CD 0.15uF's giving 0.02143uF
total  (about 1.4 times the Res value) + 10Meg bleeders.

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