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RE: [TCML] Big VTTC Suggestions Wanted

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Very nice coil you have there.  The video you made is great.  I have a
questions regarding your setup.  I noticed that you wound your form with
AWG, was there a reason for using such fine wire?  I thought VTTCs
to be run at higher frequencies. Using such fine wire certianly would
your resonant frequency substantially.  I also noticed you are using a
primary, does this not get extremely hot?  Even on my small MOT driven
I had problems with primary heating.  I started out using 12 AWG wire
and I
melted the insulation to the point where turns started to fuse together.
What was more disturbing is that it only took a  few minutes or so of
operation to get the wire that hot.  I now have my primary wound with
and that will still get slightly warm after a long run.  Have you tried
coil in stacatto mode?


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Hi Phillip, I've not tried this VTTC in staccato. I wanted the frequency
to be around 100KHz. Big toobs don't like too high a frequency
(capacitance of elements in the tube too high). Plus, in a VTTC it's the
turns ratio that does the work. In a SG coil it's the capacitance
transform that shifts the primary energy into the secondary. The VTTC
doesn't run very high average current. You have to make sure that you
have enough primary turns. Too few will heat the tube excessively. Maybe
make the primary run too hot also. The #10 wire gets warm, not very hot.
The plate cap is 5.5Nf@20KV. The mica caps I'm using are not forgiving
about overvolting or overcurrenting. I had several failures before I
went very conservative on the plate cap. To keep things from the "smoke
and flames show" I generally don't run it at high power for very long. I
have been playing with toob coils since the late 50's. I love these
things. Later, James
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