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RE: [TCML] Generator question

> Are there two separate
> alternator windings that can be paralleled (4 wires brought
> out), or are the
> two windings series-connected together internally and only the center
> connection and two hot leads (3 wires) are brought out?

The answer is - "it depends."  On who makes the genset, that is.

I have two gensets here, a 5 KW machine by Onan, that has two separate
120 volt windings that may be either series or parallel connected.

I also have a 27KW machine that is really a three phase alternator, with
all three windings connected in a single phase configuration.  Although
each winding provides 120 volts, they cannot be connected in parallel
because of the 120 degree phase difference between them.

I've worked with a 10 KW genset that have the windings tied together
inside the frame where you cannot reach them, so they must be used as a
either 240 volts or 120-0-120 volts.

My general experience has been that single phase machines tend to bring
all the winding leads outside the alternator frame so you can reconnect
the machine pretty much any way you need to.


Ralph   W5JGV - WD2XSH/7

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