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RE: [TCML] Generator question

I recently rebuilt two generators. One a devilbiss 5.5KW and the other
an Onan 15KW unit. Both had two sets of windings connected in series fro
split phase 120/240 service. These could easily be paralleled for a high
current 120 line, just get the phasing right.


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No doubt some of you own generators to power your coils and other
when commercial power is not available.  


I hope at least one of you can answer the following question:  For
alternators in the 3-5 KW range, typically they have a 240 volt outlet
and a
couple of 120 volt outlets.  Suppose I wanted to have 120 volts at twice
current available at one of the 120 volt outlets.  Are there two
alternator windings that can be paralleled (4 wires brought out), or are
two windings series-connected together internally and only the center
connection and two hot leads (3 wires) are brought out?


You can reply to me off list if you wish.




Steve Y.

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