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Re: [TCML] lost cheesehead hat

Hi DC,

We would all like to think something like this was not intentional (makes us sick), but there are "bad apples" out there. It would not surprise me if you never see an admission from the TCML (likely someone other than the TCML).

Even though I am a die hard Viking fan (horns on my hat), I feel for the Cheese heads of the world. This really sucks! It may be just a hat of sorts, but to think that someone would walk off with something like this at such an event just makes me sick. I would guess that if you narrowed down the search to "non-TCML" members, you would be closer to the perpetrator(s). I'm not sure who was there, but I imagine not all were TCML guru's.

Best regards,

DC Cox wrote:
I agree.  I'm surprised someone has not come forward and said they took it
by accident --- perhaps thinking it was among
the many backroom items I was selling that day.

Hopefully someone will fire me an email and advise they took it by accident
--- I certainly don't think it was intentional.


D.C. Cox
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