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Re: [TCML] Sad news: Ralph Zekelman (fwd)

having just picked up a lot of stuff (not tesla) from an estate where the remaining family had no interest in literally tons of stuff, I would suggest that you (each of you) think about this and have a way for the family to dispose of it - you could tell them - here are values, here are things to sell, here are things to destroy, and here are things to give away, and whom to give them to - if you find your self ailing, give stuff away while you are alive to see the recipient enjoy it - don't let someone pick it up at 1 cent on the dollar because the family just wants it gone.

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I am sorry to hear of a list member passing on to that big resonant space in the sky.

My wife has previously asked me the same question: "what do I do with all your stuff when your gone"? I had to say, I just don't know. I don't know of anyone within 2000km that would be interested and capable of safely using my gear, such that it is, including the HV stuff so I guess that it would all just go to the tip. There would be enough dislocation in a spouse/family's life when I shuffle on, to worry about intensive eBaying with stuff you know nothing about. I guess having the website means that the stuff will be gone but not forgotten.

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