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Re: [TCML] Sad news: Ralph Zekelman (fwd)

Please don't take this the wrong way, but I've
pondered how my wife and/or son will dispose of my
Tesla related items when I die. If you have no idea
how to get rid of a 25 kVA pig or 150 pound
capacitors, they may have to pay for disposal. While
eBay may show an item to have a fairly large value, if
you don't know how to paletize it and arrange for
shipping, you may just settle for paying for it to go
away. I have a spreadsheet listing all of my items,
who I bought them from and how much I paid for them. I
plan on adding this to my Will documents, as well as
the list address, and instructions on how they might
get them into the hands of someone who could use them.
Something for all of us to ponder. It's hard to sell
things if they have to pick it up. While I could
easily sell my items for thousands of dollars, I could
envision my wife and/or son having to pay someone
hundreds of dollars to dispose of this, as a part of
an estate sale.


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> This might be of interest to some.
> Chip
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> Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008 12:54:46 -0700
> From: Steve Morton <aimskyhigh@xxxxxxx>
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> Subject: Ralph Zekelman
> Chip,
> I am sad to report that my uncle, Ralph Zekelman,
> passed away about two
> weeks ago.  I know that he was a member of the Tesla
> group and don?t know if
> this is an appropriate venue to distribute this
> news, but wanted to let you
> know as I don?t have names, addresses, or e-mails of
> any individual members
> that he knew.  Ralph is survived by his brother,
> Charles Morton of Evanston,
> Illinois and my two sisters, Gail Kahn of Chicago
> and Diana Morton of
> Evanston.
> There will be no public service.
> Steve Morton
> Irvine, California
> 949-733-9170
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